We often get asked, what makes JAMA deodorants different?

Our answer, in short, is that they are natural AND they work.

Here at JAMA Australia, we have formulated a range of aluminium-free deodorants which maintain freshness and eliminate odour.

They are beautifully packaged and highly effective and we have achieved this without resorting to any testing on animals.

Good for you, good for the environment

Have you ever wondered how much wasted packaging is involved in deodorants?

With our JAMA Roll-Ons, when it’s getting close to empty, just buy a refill squeezy pouch and reuse your beautiful roll-on bottle.

So, what makes JAMA deodorants different?

As you’ve read, we have thought a lot about how to keep our products “lite” for the environment, but there’s one more aspect to share.

Our deodorants are bottled in glassย which has been made from 40% recycled fines and recycled glass.

We are designing our products to be attractive as well as effective and we hope you enjoy them.

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