JAMA: We have a nose for scents


Based in Adelaide, JAMA can be found in all states of Australia and in New Zealand and has grown purely by word of mouth.

Our driving force is a sense of social justice and initially we came into being from wanting to combine natural with ethical and sustainable.

Whilst we are passionate about attractive, quality products we are equally passionate in leaving a positive social and environmental footprint.

Equally our drive for social justice means that we feel passionately about is the incarceration. and psychological torture of Julian Assange.

If you are able, regardless of political persuasion, please find the time to register your voice in the fight against the abuse of the justice system by the UK and US governments. (Aided and abetted by our own from both sides of politics)
Journalistic freedom and the exposure of war crimes, corruption and criminal abuses are essential for us to live in a true democratic and free society.
Thanks in advance

Our commitment is simple.

Safe – Effective – Affordable



What is your return and exchange policy?
Due to the small batch and natural qualities of our products, we don’t accept returns for refunds. If you’re unhappy with your purchase please contact us at enquiries@jamaaustralia.com and we will happily send you another item the same value to try.after we receive the product back that you are returning.

Any damages or discrepancies must be addressed within 7 days of receiving it. We stand behind our products and will do everything we can to ensure you have a positive JAMA experience.

Image: Mapping the Barrier Reef by Paul Jones via Flickr. CC BY 2.0

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