JAMA: We have a nose for scents


Based in Adelaide, JAMA can be found in all states of Australia and in New Zealand and has grown purely by word of mouth.

Our driving force is a sense of social justice and initially we came into being from wanting to combine natural with ethical and sustainable.

Whilst we are passionate about attractive, quality products we are equally passionate in leaving a positive social and environmental footprint.

Our commitment is simple.

Safe – Effective – Affordable

Firstly, what should never be found in your skincare? JAMA products don’t contain the cocktail used in many products on the market including triclosans, phthalates, propylene glycol, mineral oils or parabens.

However, we also realise that you cant make a cream with only vegetable oils and water. You need an emulsifier and you must, for safety sake use a good preserving system. (And no, unlike many sites on the web claim, grapefruit seed extract is not a preservative. If it works as one then it has some of the preservative benzethonium chloride added to it and most likely contains parabens.)

Secondly, we want to know where our raw materials are coming from. The adulteration of oils with cheaper and/or synthetics is rampant across the world. This is a difficult process but we are slowly establishing a line of supply where we can trace the oils to origin to both ensure that we are getting true to label materials and that the producer is receiving a fair price for his labour and producing it in a sustainable manner.

Thirdly, we like to innovate in our products and also our packaging. Our products are formulated with botanical extracts and essential oils chosen for specific qualities and we are constantly looking into using proven ingredients in new and innovative ways. JAMA was the first company in Australia to utilise the soothing benefits of Sea Buckthorn oil and now that oil is becoming a common addition to many formulations across the country.

Finally, our driving force is social justice. We believe in openness and transparency where whistleblowers should be afforded protection, so that we as a community can make informed choices.

Image: Mapping the Barrier Reef by Paul Jones via Flickr. CC BY 2.0

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