Hand Santiser effectiveness against Coronavirus study results here




Washing your hands with soap and hot water for 20 seconds is the most effective way of keeping your hands clean, though not always practical.

We offer both a high alcohol sanitiser in gel (green label) and an alcohol + benzalkonium chloride sanitiser in liquid (blue label)

Both are gentle on hands and highly effective


We have never had a dispenser failure but occasionally there are temporary issues with air blocks or tubes that have twisted up. Please click here if you are experiencing problems

Purely alcohol based sanitisers are ineffective on dirty hands and do not provide lasting protection so please always apply to freshly washed or clean hands for best results. They are also notoriously difficult to make at high alcohol concentrations so be wary of claims of high alcoholic percentages from companies purporting to make their own.


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Together with the team behind JAMA, we have developed a highly effective range for those
who are looking for more natural alternatives in their personal care products.

Its also time for us to take a stand for the rights of journalistic freedom.

Julian Assange, Barettt Brown, Glenn Greenwald

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Journalists exposing corruption, murder and war crimes are being actively targeted by the US, UK and Australian governments. Supposed bastions of freedom and democracy.

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